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WebSolutions – Leads Capture
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Robert Digital

Hello. My name is Robert Digital. My friends call me “The Collector” because I help you to collect the leads from your website in one place. You can download these leads as a CSV file and use it in an email campaign. 

But I can do much more. I am designed to recognize your website visitors and you can show your promotion to them. Because of my software you can reach a hot market with your marketing.


WebSolutions – Leads Capture


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Web Design

I am a robot. I love a clear design with clear tasks and an easy message. Function and economy are my passionate goals. So am I available in pre-defined colors and optimized for laptops, tablets and smart phones.

My inner values are the leads capture and the visitor tracking systems for an effective re-marketing. My algorithms are perfect for a good ranking in Google and I live an healthy lifestyle by a high security level.


Lead Management

Never lose again leads in your mail inbox! “The Collector” contents an easy to handle Leads Management System. Mails come to your mailbox as usually but also you can manage them from the dashboard of your website, you can export them into a CSV file for further processing, f.e. in an email campaign. On demand you can activate the Captcha Method to avoid spam.

WebSolutions – Leads Capture

Marketing Expert

Imagine all people that come to your shop or watch the windows from outside without taking action will see your promotion on the street home or on the highway. And better: Just these people will see it!

Can you imagine how cheap it will come for you to get hot traffic?

And even better: You can show your promo in a next step to people that have the same characteristics like your visitors. Here you get warm traffic for a low price.

Well. In the digital world this mustn’t be a dream. I have all the tools inside!

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WebSolutions – Leads Capture

User friendly

“The Collector” is designed for business men that are focused on their goals.

All the workflow is optimized for YOU and for us. That makes the price for this website so attractive.

After registration and payment you get a link to the page for uploading your content. We developed a detailed form and also created a documentation to make it as easy as possible for you.
You can prepare all your content and send it to us in one step. By this your website will be ready in a first version after 48 to 72 hours.
Then we can talk in Skype if you want some changes. We do these during our talk and by the shared screen function we can show you how you can handle your new website in an easy and comfortable way.

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