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Appointment Your time counts

Make your scheduling easy for you and your clients.

Many SMB are based on appointments with clients. If you are a plumber, mechanic, dentist, massagist, lawyer… you all have one point in common: someone needs to answer the phone for clients calls to fix the appointment. 

You don’t have capacities in the reception or even have a reception and your clients call you every time for an appointment?

Make it easier for you and your clients: With your new appointment website you can reduce this time eating work dramaticly and have less calls that distract you from your work.

You also can connect the appointment with a payment. That makes sure your clients really will come, or, if you bill them by time, they can pay allready your invoice while they make their appointment. Clients that don’t show up now is just a memory from the past. You will have your money anyway!

A perfect solution for small businesses for just 499$

Price is for the website with a single appointment system. If you want to schedule additional services or employees we make you an offer. Just contact us in the contact form or call us on Skype. We are curious to meet you and your company.


Easy to use

  • Your customers can easy book an appointment and, if you enable this function, pay for it during the booking process.
  • You can set your different services, time for each client and much more.
  • In the back office you have full access to the calendar. 
  • reminder email the day before

A great solution to save your time and you can focus on your work!


In this example we’ve build a site for tours but it could be for any other service as well. Car mechanic, dentist, spa, doctor and so much more.


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