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Actual Marketing

Who doesn’t care about doing the right marketing steps and trying to get new clients?
We pump up the website we will build for you with the necessary tools to face nowadays needs for a effective marketing strategy.

It will be more than just monitoring or easy SEO to get a better ranking in Google. There will be different tracking tools that makes it possible for you to get in touch with people from your targeted marketing group and even more: We give you tools to connect with people that have been on your website in an irresistable way!

Be prepared! Once set up rightly your marketing will bring you clients ready to buy or book your services!

optimized for all devices

optimized for all devices

QR Codes for offline marketing

QR Codes for offline marketing



Ready for mobile marketing

These days most people access to websites from mobile devices. Entrepreneurs with mobile optimized websites and the right marketing system have highest changes to get new clients while others leave this market out of attention.

Website in Responsive Design
QR Codes for easiest access
Tracking systems
WA24 QR Code Mobile Access

Help your website visitors to become your CLIENTS
Magic Marketing

Marketing in the internet leads to two facts:
1st.: The cost getting traffic on your website is expensive
2nd.: A visitor becomes not a client the first time, no matter if you sell online or have a real life shop. Most visitors you pay for, dissapear in the www and never come back.
Long time just big companies had the possibility to track their visitors and show them promotions where ever they are in the internet.
Now the game is changing and YOU can as well make visitors come back to your website and become your clients.

Magic Marketing means laser targeted hot traffic for you!

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Visitor Tracking

Visitor Tracking is the core of Magic Marketing.
Once on your website, the visitor will see your promotion in the Google and Facebook network again and again.
It’s a perfect and economic way for you to funnel him down until he becomes your client.
Remarketing is the secret and most successful force in marketing these days. 

Facebook Marketing

We all know: Facebook collects all data from the users. Like it or not, but there is also a huge chance for entrepreneurs for a successful marketing.
It’s all important to know exactly what to do to reduce costs and maximize the results.

ipad fb advertising

In a nutshell

Once on your website the visitor is caught! From now on he’ll see your promotion again and again. 
This method was all the time just for big companies, now it is available for small business owners that see the opportunities with this marketing.

This method is a game changer! Never you will be out of clients!

Start in Facebook. It’s economic and produces great results. Later, with some experience, you can use the same method also in Google and Youtube.

Try it. You will love this new way of marketing.

Call us on skype for more information on it.

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